Please help my comp it's too HOT



hai all,
my computer is always shut down automaticaly,and i chek for temperature in bios CPU temp is 82 C,so i open case and i touch the heatsink, not hot (i touch the CPU too and not hot ) but,in bios still 82 C and my comp still shut down

sempron 2800+ (754)
512 Memory
VGA RADEON 9600 128


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Is there sufficient thermal paste between the processor and heat sink?
Is the heat sink seated properly?
Is the fan on the heat sink running?
If this has just happened is the heat sink and fan clean? if not clean all the dust out.
Is there unrestricted air flow to the processor and case?
Are you over clocking?


that is a critical temperature. check whether the fan and heatsink is placed properly and functioning.


Hey guys, he said that he touched it and it is not hot. 82 degrees C is like 179 degrees F, you would know in a heart beat that it was [B]very[/B] hot.

As stated before, this is an important temperature, that’s why the computer shuts itself down when it sees temperatures that high…real or not.

Just out of curiosity, download Everst home edition and see if the temperature match and see what the voltage reading for the cpu is. Also look to see what the temperature is when you first start the computer.

Depending on the BIOS you may be able to reset the temperature to keep it working, this would mean that you would need a secondary monitoring system to watch for a real temperature increase. Another option would be to replace the sensor, it is either a thermistor or a diode.


82C is far too hot. The fact that the HS is relatively cool implies that there is poor thermal transfer between the CPU and HS. You can’t always trust utility programs to report the correct temperature, but the BIOS readings should be reasonably accurate. If it really is at 82C when you are looking at the BIOS setup screen, you can be sure it gets even hotter when the CPU is under heavy load.

Check that the CPU core voltage and clock speed are correct for the model of CPU you are using. This is probably 1.4V or less and 1600MHz.

Make sure that the HS is clean and properly seated on the CPU header. Use a thin film of good quality HS compound between the HS and CPU. What kind of HS and fan are you using? Perhaps you need a better one.


You might want to invest in a bigger cooling system for your PC or, if you don’t have pets or curious kids that poke about near your PC, leave the case side off the PC to allow more air in to promote greater cooling.