Please help - my CDs won't burn!

Hi all

I’m really hoping someone can help with this problem - I’m totally stuck! It’s a bit of a long story, I hope you can bear with me.

My computer is a Dell 9150 (new in January!), 1024 MB RAM, running Windows XP Professional, CD/DVD drive is HL-DT-ST DVD±RW GWA4164B.

I am recording audio material onto a Sony Hi-MD minidisk recorder, which comes with Sony’s SonicStage software. I’m using SonicStage to transfer tracks onto the computer, as ATRAC3 files.

I am then burning CDs from these tracks. To begin with, using SonicStage to burn the CDs, everything worked find (writing at ‘medium speed’ - not sure exactly what speed that is as it doesn’t specify). After about 20 CDs (different playlists), the last track stopped burning every so often - the error message was: ‘Error writing to disc, track or tracks could not be transferred’.

I went down to ‘minimum speed’, and once again, the burning process worked fine for about 20 CDs. Then I began to get the problem again, with the last track or several tracks not transferring. At first this happened with about 1 in 3 CDs, then it got more and more frequent and now I can’t burn any!

I’ve tried to eliminate various possibilities. The CDs are Verbatim, so I don’t think quality is the problem (and they worked fine to begin with).

I have tried using an external CD writer (writing at 4x), but the same problem happened on the second try.

I’ve tried transferring the tracks as WAV files instead, using SonicStage, and also using Nero 7 and Sonic. The result is always the same.

I’m now really desperate! I don’t know where to turn to work out what the problem is. :sad: I really need to finish these CDs for a job which is seriously overdue, and I would really, really appreciate any help anyone can give…

Sorry for the long tale. Thank you for listening…


Have you tried different media?

It’s not unusual for poor quality media to have problems at the outer edges (aka, near the last track).

Thanks, I will try that - but these are Verbatim CDs, good quality, which have worked fine until the problem started (same batch and everything). And they also burn OK in other computers. If you have any particular brand in mind that would be helpful…

You have an 4164 OEM drive. Search for an firmware update.

Verbatim standard datalifes are rebadged crap, just like the rest of the junk out there.

If it’s the Datalife [B]PLUS[/B] or the pastels, it’s the good stuff.

What programs have you installed lately?

Um, I’m not using datalifes - these are audio CDs I’m burning. As I say, they’ve worked fine before, and in other computers. Also, the problem seems to be cumulative in some way - to begin with they burned fine at medium speed, then I had to go down to minimum speed, then for each new playlist only 4 or 5 would burn, then it went down to 2 or 3, then none…

I’ve had to replace my hard drive in the meantime, but the problem has persisted with the new hard drive. At this point the only programs I have on it apart from the OS are MS Office, SonicStage and Nero 7.

Will try for the firmware update…

I am currently experiencing the same problem. I am a musician and really need to burn these cds for work. Have been using Sonicstage for years but now won’t burn as always a problem with the last track. Have uninstalled and reinstalled program Sonicstage 4.3 but still no joy. Do you remember how you fixed the problem?


Try burning with Imgburn.

@ariasunlimited: please identify the CDs you are using.

Hey chef how are you doing…? :). Actually I am wondering if these files are ATRAC+ HiMD, and not sure if they can be burned with IB.

Hey chef how are you doing…? :).[/QUOTE]

Thanks, fine.

I hope its the same for you. :slight_smile: