Please HELP, my CD/DVD burners tray wont open

Please HELP, i have been using a computer my uncle gave me which he made himself with an internal cd/dvd burner (SONY BOOT DRU-510A) and i have burnt several dvd’s n cd’s for a couple of months now.

A couple of days ago, i was trying 2 burn a movie n an error occurred n the disc tray does not open now n a light just keeps blinking. This is the 1st time it has happened n i have no idea how it happened.

Can anyone please help or give me suggestions on how i can fix this problem. I would ask my uncle 2 fix it but i cant get in contact w/him right now as he is a busy person.

Please Help…

(Im not sure what info from my Comp you would need 2 help but let me know n will gladly tell you)

Your drive will lock during recording if this is what you mean…
If not have you tried restarting your computer or failing that there is a small hole in the drive you can put a pin or something in and manually open it…


I have tried restarting the Comp n i have manually opened it by putting a pin through the hole but the light is still blinking n it just doesnt wanna open.

It says that the “device is working properly” in the device manager n i tried doing troubleshooting but that doesnt help, is it possible the burner is just broken?

Try a paper clip, push it all the way in and it should open manually. Should work even if the computer is off.