Please help my burners burn

I have an HP 2.5P4 and the Burner that came with suddenly stopped responding like it did before, but kept reading, so I bought another burner thinking the burning part gave up. Well the Sony one I bought doesn’t do any better. Thus I think it has to have something to do with my computer, but I don’t have a clue. Usually when a piece of hardware isn’t recognized, grab the latest drivers, but they say this Sony doesn’t need it. Like I said, the burning is the only thing that doesn’t seem to function. Roxio doesnt see a burner, Nero writes something and then errors out prior to finishing, Sonic locks up and DVD X Copy reads the movie, but then doesn’t see the media. Believe me, I have several brands of media…tried that…Thanks for any help you provide or if you can send me to the right place…Tony

Please do not crosspost, as you did in “Burner issues.” Be aware this is very frowned upon, and this is mentioned as something to avoid when one signs up. It may be tempting when you have a problem to post multiple places, but learn patience, as there are enough knowledgable people here to answer questions, albeit not always immediately (i.e., within 10 minutes). However, I’ve personally gotten answers within 30 mins-1 hour, and then the problem was solved. :bigsmile: So, please learn patience and avoid crossposting after this warning.

Check here for your answer–and please remember to thank the person there (I think it was Pinto) for likely resolving your burner issues. :cool: Gratitude will certainly only help you get more issues answered/resolved in the future. :wink:

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