Please help, my burner recognizes my DVDs as CDs

Hi!, I have a Benq DW 1640 since a couple of years, I never had a major problem with it but as I was burning a DVD yesterday using Nero 7, I noticed the burning process was too slow for a 8X speed, when it completed the DVD won´t recognize the burned DVD as DVD but in the Drive directory it says CD and there´s nothing in it, I tried to use another recordable DVD and this time i checked that even without burning the directory of the DVD burner recognizes the DVDR as CD changing to “Drive CD (F: )” instead of DVDRW, Whats wrong?? is my Burner broken or what? Someone knows what could be happening?? Thanks I appreciate any advice

I’m surprised at you flash you know that double posting is against the rules.

Sorry I thought it was when posting in the same forum :confused: