Please Help! My 1620 is not reading CD's!

Hi all, I’m new to this forum and it seems like a decent place for CD/DVD information. Anyway…on to my problem:

My DVD RW Drive will only read cetrain disks after I restart my computer. I’ve been ripping some Cd’s today, converting them to MP3’s. After I rip the first CD and then put another CD in the drive to be ripped, the drive doesn’t reconize the disc. If I go to my computer and rightclick to open, the drive volume is empty and it is reading like there is no disk in the drive!

If I do a restart the drive will work. Anyone know what is going on and how I can fix it? It’s a BenQ DVD DD DW1620 (This is how it appears in Device Manager). Thanks,


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What program are you using to rip?

I’m using the software that was bundled with my Creative Labs external Sound Blaster sound card. I bought this external card about two years ago and just decided today to use some of the software. The program is called Creative MediaSource version 1.01.08. The problem doesn’t lie with the software, it is with the operating system (Windows Professional XP). I had a virus screw up my computer so I decided to format and reinstall Windows.

I’m running service pack one as I hated SP2. Since the format and fresh install certain disks are not being reconized unless I restart. I have no idea what the problem could be.

Delete the IDE channel the BenQ 1620 is on in Device Manager and reboot and see it that helps.

OkeeDokee! What will that do? Will the system automatically reinstall the IDE channel?

yep. It will get a new driver for it. Are you using Nvidia drivers?

Did what you requested and the problem still exists. When I restarted for the changes to take effect, the DVD drive lights came on during boot up and start up, no problems there. I then went into my computer and right clicked on the drive (With an audio CD in the drive) then clicked open, etc. Nothing…no data what so ever. The drive is not reading the disc! Dang it! Maybe I should reinstall the BenQ software or the drivers? What do you think? Ant more suggestions?



Nvidia drivers are display drivers, correct? Yes, as a matter of fact, I am using Nvidia drivers for my display.


Kick ass cat!!!

So it worked? :slight_smile:

Uh…no, it didn’t. Check out my last few posts. The drive is still not reading discs. What do you think I need to do next?


Unless you are referencing my suggestion to reinstall the BenQ driver and software?

I was talking about deleting your IDE drivers. What IDE drivers do you have?

Primary: atapi.sys and another called storprop.dll
Secondary: same as above.
Then there are three files listed for the Bus Master IDE controller…device manager is reading that everything is working properly but we both know that to be false. And yes, I did what you told me to do and it still does not work. You never did tell me why it makes a difference if I’m using Nvidia display drivers? (I am using Nvidia display drivers, by the way.)


In your device manager under IDE channels right click properties and you should see something like this.

Wait what OS are you using Vista? If it’s Vista i don’t have it sorry

I’m an idiot…I actually did the wrong thing to begin with…instead of removing the drivers, I removed the IDE primary channel…no wonder it didn’t work! I reread your directions, figured out that I need to learn how pay better attention and read the posts carefully, instead of speed reading and then rushing off to fix my problem! I did exactly what you wrote and the problem is solved!!!

Thank you very much, it was a pleasure doing business with you!


I hope so but if you have problems again we’ll try to help you

Apparently you’ve seen many people return after they thought the problem was fixed…well…the problem has returned. Still not reading the disc and now I’m getting a little bent out of shape. Any other suggestions?

Okay…check this out…tried two other CDs. One was the BenQ software disk and the drive immediately read it…The other was sublime…an audio cd and the drive read it also. Maybe the disk I’ve been trying to get to read is somehow damaged or incompatable? Only thing weird about that is it did read/reconize this disk earlier in the day. So what could be going on? I’ll try this disk again and see if it will read it again.

Seems like this problem is disk specific…it will not read one of my discs but has no trouble reading the others I’ve tried out. I hope this is as deep as the problem goes, i.e., no problem with the drive, only a bad disk. Hopefully I won’t be back with this problem. Thanks for your help and advice.