Please help mtkflash problems

mtkflash keeps saying failed to open input file when i try to flash
the drive and it says failed to write flash how can i fix this. i spelled the
mtkflash like this at dos “MTKFLASH 4 W /M filename.HEX” i have a bootable CD and floppy i use mtkflash 1.83c can anyone help me?

Bootable cd will not help you.
Tried mtkflash with other options?

[QUOTE=chef;2138637]Bootable cd will not help you.
Tried mtkflash with other options?[/QUOTE]

omg it worked yes :eek: :disagree: :iagree: :smiley: i cant believe it mtkflash did
it it flashed the dead drive. this is how i did it i just opened a dos window in windows 98 i did not boot into dos but just opened a dos window in c:\windows and i put the mtkflash files in c:\windows and the hex file and plugged in my dead CD-RW drive and i typed mtkflash 4 w /m hexname.hex and it updated the dead drive it seems like using windows 98 and using dos in there is the best way to do it. it was easy and done with out the floppy or boot cd or usb flash drive just windows 98 i spent 7 days trying to flash this dead drive that i killed. and there where people telling me i should throw the drive in the trash im glad i kept it thanks who ever made mtkflash