Please, HELP! medias are driving me crazy!

I bought my LG 4163b about two months ago, so i’m completelly new to this whole DVD burning thing, even though i’m pretty expert on CD-R burning.

I’m having LOTS and LOTS of problems with media types… its almost driving me crazy!! please, please, someone give me some light and words of wisdom…

I started off buying (and using!!!) RIDATA 8x (RITEK05 Manufacturer Id), but of 20 medias i bought, half of them had problems during test phase of the burning process. I did scan them with Neros DVD/CD Speed SCAN test, and also i got read errors.

So i was confused: i ALWAYS heard Ridata/Ritek medias are the best you can get!!!

So, dazed, frustrated and confused i went back to the store and got a bunch of white (with a small pink line across) LG medias (manufacturer ID LGE08), and i never had any problem with them!!! when i got back for more, i noticed the manufacturer ID changed, so i returned the medias and got all pink LG dvd’s, also LGE08. Again no problem with these!

When i got back for another pack, noticed the manufacturer of these pink LG medias ALSO changed. The LGE08 ones have a “G47” code printed on the inner part of the DVD. The new ones doesnt.

So i turned my attention to SAMSUNG. I always bought Samsung CDs and never had any problem.

When i got home, noticed they where made by OPTODISC. Burned my first DVD and surprise!! My DVD player cant read SAMSUNG medias… it reads all the crappy blank printable medias i got for testing purposes, but it cant read the expensive Samsung DVDs…

After a few testings, i noticed that HALF the 8x Samsung blank DVDs i got were recognized on NERO as having 2x as maximum speed!!

at this point, i’m kind of TIRED of having problems with medias… burning OK but failing the read test… and wasting money on non-trustable discs…

COULD SOMEONE PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, HELP ME OUT and explain what should i do??? is this a “normal” problem with DVD media???

i NEVER had problems with CDR!! NEVER lost a media in 4 years since i bought my plextor!!! not even a bad scan!!

i know i should get back to the medias that worked fine with me, the LG ones, but the problem is that they are no longer avaliable here in my city, at least not the original ones…

HEEEEELLLLPPPPp!!! I’m getting kind of tired…

Obs: I burn mostly ISOs of DVD copies made by DVDShrink using DVDDecrypter or NERO 6. On all recordings, i use the programs “VERIFY” feature and also run Nero’s CD/DVD Speed SCAN test.

Media FAQ

Then read through the media forums here for specifics on what works well and what doesn’t.

And also, read these threads for how media burns in your specific drive:

4163 media thread

4163 latest firmware thread

Research it and you’ll have a much better understanding than someone just telling you ‘buy XYZ’.

Stay away from anything starting with “Ri…”, “Bulkp…”, “Dataw…” Those are “do you feel lucky” media

Actually i have yet to see media my LG’s don’t burn very well. Then again i don’t shop for the above cheapos. In other words buy stuff with MCC or TY code and if it seems too cheap it’s probably fake media so pay a little more and get the expected results :wink:

Most of this stuff i already knew because i’m reading stuff on the web about DVDs like crazy.

my biggest concern is: all this stuff that keeps happening to me is the defautl situation when DVD media is concerned???

i mean, i burn OK but the reading test fails… it happens quite often!!

also, same media ID, same DVD silk, same pack, but different recording speeds???

RIdata giving all that trouble???

isnt there a REALLY reliable DVD manufacturer/type??

i mean, i have been purchasiong SAMSUNG Cds for over 3 year, and NEVER had a single problem!!

are DVD medias all this complicated???

Read my post again. If TY or MCC/Verbatim (but not CMC) media fails it’s your drive that’s bad. If Ridata fails it’s not that unusual. Imo Samsung media isn’t in the DVD game. Even my Samsung cdr isn’t my favorites and i have 2 spindles i’ll probably never use? :wink:

Completing a burn means NOTHING in regards to actual burn quality, so throw that out.

Ritek/Ridata USED to be considered decent media, but if you had been reading stuff like crazy as you say then you’d know that Ritek media is very unreliable at this point, and its quality has been greatly reduced for about two years now.

Samsung media is generally poor as well, researching this would also tell you this. BeAll media is junk and has a reputation for deteriorating over time. Optodisc is generally poor in my opinion, although their newer 8x +Rs burn extremely well for me.

Take the time to read my links and you’ll be able to decide for yourself what works well with your burner. Read the comments from users that have used specific media in their 4163s and go from there.

I could just give you the generic ‘TY and MCC’ answer, but it’s not that simple and there are many other choices out there that will work well with your burner, no need to limit the answer to two types of media. Yes TY and MCC is generally good media, but there are other choices that will also work well.

P.S. - my comments about TY and MCC are not a jab at you CJ2, of course TY and MCC is good media, I just don’t like to limit someone to only that media when they are seeking media for their drive. Nothing wrong with suggesting it, I just wanted to be clear that there are many options available (especially with a good burner such as the LG 4163).

I’d have to agree with these guys. I really pity you, because you somehow managed to choose about the worst sort of discs for a 4163B.

Samsung in terms of quality, is absolutely horrible. They have even been known to use fake TY media codes. The best part is that their discs don’t even work on their own equipment. I ran into a guy who bought a brand new Samsung DVD recorder which would not record properly to Samsung DVD-RW discs. He was all ready to return the recorder, until I told him try Verbatim DVD-RW discs instead. His problems vanished once he did that.

No problem - I go through various media brand/id’s and i’m all for trying different solutions :slight_smile: These days i’m very pleased with the TDK02 (2x unbranded disc) results in my LG’s. By far the cheapest discs i’ve seen with consistant and good results. I still use TY for archiving though :wink:

Folks, thanks a LOT for taking the time and replying to my post!

One thing i didnt mention is that i live in Brazil, and even thought you can buy almost any kind of tech gizmo, computer part and eletronical device here for reasonable price (illegal and pirated stuff), in terms of DVD and CD media, my country sucks.

That means: you just NEVER see Verbatim, Maxwell, TY made or any GOOD media avaliable. What matters and rules this marketshare here is PRICE. So, if you go to each and every place that sells blank DVDs here at my city, or any other BIG citty here in Brazil, what will you find?? Always the same stuff, the cheapest medias:

. A huge array of printable white-top media (cybermedia, doctom, princo, etc) TOP SELLERS!!;
. Dr Hank - TOP SELLER!!!
. Egital
. Arita
. Ridata
. Multilaser
. Princo
. New Star (CMC)
. Mega (infodisc)
. LG (used to be LGE02, now its optodisc)
. Dotcom (TYG02 - fakes??)
. Samsung
. Philips (CMC)

And i wouldnt be surprised if ALL of them are fakes!!!

I guess that is pretty much what you will find. Exception goes for over 5 different printable white-topped media, that i never cared to check.

So, how can i go for the BEST Verbatim and TY made media if they are simply not avaliable!!!

My choice has to be the LEAST WORST media of the above list.

Any advice given this new scenario i just gave you folks??? :sad:

Off the top of my head, I would say go for the Philips CMC

shouldn’t have too many problems with CMC on a LG4163B - i used CMCMAGE01 and CMCMAGAE1 with no problems, although there have been reports that there are problems with one specific type of CMCMAGAE1

I’d second that. Even though CMC is not one of my favorites, out of those that you list it’s probably going to be your best bet with the 4163b. Stay well away from Princo and fake TY.

Anyway mabhz, I understand your frustration. I’ll bet more than half the people on this forum have been through the same thing at some time or other, buy a batch of media and it works great buy another batch of supposedly the same thing and it turns out crap. Whatever brand you buy just make sure they deliver the same mid-code each time, don’t deal with brands that chop and change suppliers to whatever they can get cheapest that week. Most of all make sure you use a vendor who will guarantee the mid-code of the media you’re buying, that’s the only way you can hope to get any consistancy.

thanks again for all the posts, folks!!

Uart, unfortunately, suppliers here give zero garantee concerning media originality or quality. since you cant buy DVD media on “regular” shops, 99% of people here by CD/DVD blank medias on places that import them illegally, and sell them withour receipt or any kind of guarantee.

You cant even find blank DVD media on big and famous regular stores here in Brazil. You get tons of CD media, but always overpriced.

Bottomline, no vendor guarantees the mid-code of the media you’re buying, mostly because 99% of the people who buys media in the first place, couldnt care less about media quality. Seems like most people dont really concern about this kind of thing, so they always go for the cheapest stuff.

Anyway, i’d like to ask another thing: i base all my purchase decisions on the list from this link:

Is this list reliable??

Ritek, Optodisc and Prodisc are listed as 2nd class media, while CMC (-R) scores the lowest place on 4th class…

Should i take this list as a rule of thumb???

1st choice for me TY and Verbatim (but not from India)
2nd choice CMCMAGAE1

don’t believe all you read in the FAQs, it’s often out of date (Ritek used to be good)

That website has many inaccuracies, from some of the media suggestions, to ‘-R is superior’ propaganda, to ‘media doesn’t degrade’, etc.

Ritek is best avoided in general at this point, and this has been the case for about 2 years now. Optodisc media is generally poor, but their newer +R media burns very well. Prodisc is hit and miss, but generally decent. CMC is definitely not as bad as that website suggests, I would also suggest Philips CMC from the list you gave.

For once, I agree with you. @ the original post, as much as it pains me to say it, from that list I would go with the Phillips CMC Mag as it will be by far the most reliable/compatible of the bunch.

The Philips (CMC) discs sound to me like the best choice too. I have a 4163B and have used CMC MAG E01s as well. The burn quality is about average and you may run into a coaster or two occasionally, but it is probably the safest in your list.

Also, I have CMC MAG E01s (8x DVD+R) which are 10mths old and show no signs of any degrading. I’m living in a tropical climate and the discs were stored with no humidity control (only in cake boxes in a dark cupboard). Your climate is probably somewhat similar so hopefully the discs should last for you as well.

Have not tried CMC MAG AE1 (8x DVD-R) discs though.