Please help me!

I’ve bought a NEC ND2500A and a LiteOn 166s. Now I want to flash them with the newest firmware (if possible rpc1 and without rip-lock).

I found pages which offers these firmwares, but I’m really not sure which one should I take it. Because I don’t want to kill my new drives I tought I’ll ask here.

NEC ND2500A:

and my LiteON 166S:

It would be very nice if someone here can help me (perhaps have the same drives).

Big thanks anyway,

To make the ND-2500A region free use this: “RPC1 firmware based on Windows 1.06.”

For the LTD-166S, update to the latest firmware from here and then see here for info on making it region free.

Great!!! That was exactly the answer I needed…

Thanks a lot and have a nice day!

Greets and best regards,