Please help me

I put together a new and much faster system and now I went to backup one of my Dvd’s and Dvd2one wont work.
I first used Decrypter and its on my harddrive and the files are OK, when I can click on them, they will open up, and they will play on my computer, so apparently DeCrypter worked fine.
Next I go to use Dvd2one, I select the correct files- Remember I used dvd2one on my old system numerous times and all went well. I get this message" UNABLE TO OPEN VOBFILESET2 IN DIRECTORY". I have no idea whats wrong! I checked my Aspi and its fine. I’d appreciate any help/suggestions. Thanks.

I found the problem, I resinstalled a newer version of DvdDecrypter and ran the program then I used Dvd2one and it worked just fine. What a big differnce with my newer system.
DvdDecrypter took 8 minutes, Dvd2one took 9 minutes, and then I burned with Primo Prassi which took 11 minutes.

P4 2.53 mhz
1024 mb Corsair C2 memory
Asus P4PE mb
Maxto Diamond Max Plus 9 80gb Ata 133 7200r.p.m.