Please help me




I have been using my Yamaha 2100E to make backups of protected games for about 5 months now with only 1 or 2 hickups.

However, from last week I can’t backup shit !

Treid The Sims, safedisc v1, made a coaster !! Game installed but then demanded Correct CD be inserted !

What went wrong? How do I fix it/check it?

Please help me. I can backup Dreamcast backups and PSX but PC games are just making coasters :frowning:


what did you do? is it a hardware problem? have you updated any drivers, new software etc etc…

a few more details sometimes helps… if you have em.


Try reïnstalling your burning software! I had probs like this myself!
What software do you use btw?!



I use CloneCD, Nero 5.0, CDRwin 3.8e and nothing else.

I did however install Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4 Deluxe, only to find out that it didn’t recognise my Yamaha writer.
I uninstalled the software but I wonder if it has screwed up my ASPI layer or something??
I have used the ASPI layer fix program but that hasn’t helped.

Any ideas ?

I piad $50 for CloneCD so am mighty pissed that it doesn’t work anymore



EZCD is known as the prog that screws up stuff… (not always though!)

Reïnstall the ASPI drivers and upgrade them to as new as possible.

Also reïnstall your burnsoftware!!

And… we’ll here from you…



I’ll try all of that tomorrow.

Bit tired now…probably make it worse if I trie it now :slight_smile:


Ok! :wink:

And eh… if you post a question next time, be sure to mention what it’s about in the subject! :wink:
If everybody start saying things like help me plz… got a prob… BIG problems here… etc then it will be difficult to find the diff problems at this forum! :wink:


I couldn’t wait until tomorrow.

Updated ASPI drivers to latest version.

Have uninstalled Clone CD and then installed latest version

What’s a good safedisc PC game to try it out on ?

Hope it works :stuck_out_tongue:


Originally posted by DemonKnight
What’s a good safedisc PC game to try it out on ?
The Sims :slight_smile: or for SafeDisc 2 try Red Alert 2 (but I don’t think the Yammie will support SD2…)


there was a list of writers wich can cope with SD available at the mainpage some time ago but your yammie wasn 't in it just try the search on the mainpage.


The SafeDisc 2 compatible writers list can be found here or check the CloneCD Hardware Requirements and see if ‘Correct EFM Encoding’ is supported.


no i found out that my yammie doesn’t do sd2 the hard way…although my Pioneer DVD ROM drive will read an SD2 copied game on my PC. I can do Safedisc 1 ok now though :slight_smile:

Should I get an ACER ? They appear to be the best all round CloneCD writer.

I want to buy a new writer, even though my Yammie is only 6 months old, which copes with absolutley every protection going.

does one exist?

if so which model (IDE) and price in UK ?


Originally posted by DemonKnight
Should I get an ACER ? They appear to be the best all round CloneCD writer.
They are great writers, even for SafeDisc 2 but they are crappy readers. If you’re going to use your Pioneer as a reader then it would be a great combo (as long as the Pioneer can read the SubChannels of course).

I think a better choice would be to wait for the Plex24x which will support SafeDisc 2 (according to and reads the full SubChannels (like all Plextor drives ;))…



What Plextor Writer can I buy in UK which does fully support SD2 & sub cahnnel data read & write?


Wait for the PlexWriter 241040A version which is planned to be available in August this year.


btw I do backups of DC backups but for some unknown reason the backups that I produce now using CloneCD have a 20-25 second delay booting up.

No biggy as once the wait is over the games do work fine…just wondered why?

Anybody know ?



No idea but I heard this was a common problem with CloneCD…
I don’t have a DreamCast unfortunately :frowning: