Please help me

I have LITE-ON DVDRW LDW-851S. It can burn CD and CDRW. It can play CD, CDRW, DVD and DVDRW. The only problem is that It doesn`t burn DVD och DVDRW at any speed it shows error. I have uppgrated it to GSOP also but same thing. I change the speed from 4x to 2.4x but still same. can someone tell me what i need for it. :sad:

It will be very kind of u Thanks

What media and burning program are you using?

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thanks i am using Nero 6 Ultra Edition

Rashed, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Have you tried different media?
Which media have you tried?

Not all media are supported by all burners, especially newer media on older burners!

sorry but what u mean by media. do u mean different dvds?

i used to get this msg

Yes, I mean different brands (Verbatim, TDK, HP, …), different types (DVD+R, DVD-R), and different rated speeds (4x, 8x, 16x).

Each media also has a MID (Manufacturer IDentification) that can tell you something about who made the disc. This drive will look at the MID to see how to write that disc, and if the firmware in the drive doesn’t know about that MID the drive will either fail to write or it will chose a default way of writing that media, which may not give an acceptable result or fail during burning.

You can see the MID of any media you put into your drive by using the Nero CD-DVD Speed program, which comes with the Nero suite. It can be found under Nero Toolkit.

ok thanks i have only tried with one its name is Traxdata. i will buy another and try that also. thanks

Rashed, I would also go for a 851@832 crossflash. C0deguys have CG5J, a firmware with improved burn quality.

Note, crossflashing will void your warranty if any. :wink:

That’s a good suggestion! :iagree:

The LiteOn 851 is as old as Stonehenge (or something like that), so I don’t think there’s any warranty left! :disagree:

yeah there is no garanti or waranti otherwise i would take it to the workshop.
i will try it

guys thanks for help but i bought another dvd also it is tdk but didnt worked. than i flashed it with "C0deguys have CG5J, a firmware with improved burn quality". And than tried with both dvds again it didnt worked again. Any new help :sad:


why don’t you provide the information you were asked for?
I suspect, that your drive doesn’t support the media you had used. Maybe modern media won’t work at all - or your drive is defective. In that case, the cheapest way is to buy a new one.


which information?

but isn`t there any solution to my dvd burner

If you haven’t already done so, try getting some 8x rated DVD media (not 16x rated DVD media) and see if that will work in your drive.

Like I said before, not all media are supported by all burners, especially newer media on older burners!

i have tried with tdk 1-4x