Please help me

Hi, could someone advise me, I am new to dvd burning, my husband installed a LG Dvd burner, it has a dvd rom on the top and a dvd burner on the bottom.
the problem is when I went to burn a video I had made in windows movie maker, it would’nt burn it, it came up with a message saying it did’nt support this file format and the dvd format. I am getting very frustrated with it, as my wedding anniversary is coming up would like to make my photos into a movie with movie maker. power producer came with dvd burner…I am at a loss on what to do, begininng to wonder if we wasted our hard earned money on something that wont work…help, help

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

If I understand correctly you have these files on your hard disc and you want to burn on a DVD. Can you say what file types are? Do you have a bunch of IFO, BUP, and VOB files?

Another thing: what software do you use to burn?

Power producer Gold will allow you to import wmv files from Windows movie maker and convert them to DVD’s. Why dont you tell us exactly what you have tried already and exactly where you came unstuck.

BTW, this all has nothing to do with your LG burner. It sounds like a simple case of you not knowing how to use the software.

Thank you for replying my plea for help, yep I save the movies I make out of my photos with windows movie maker to my computer, I have saved them as avi files, went to movie maker website which said to save them as avi to burn to dvd. Obvisouly I am doing some thing wrong!! When I loaded the cd that came with the burner, on it was power producer and nero, but software wont let me burn the files on the dvd burner.

If you ave an avi file and want to play on a stansalone player, the only possible ways are two:

  1. buy a divs capable standalone

  2. convert avi in video DVD format. This latter is a little long process, based on your CPU power. You must first convert the avi in mpeg and the convert mpeg files in VOB files. It’s rather time consuming.

Can you use windows movie maker to create a different output instead of avi? Sorry I never used this software. If you can create an output directly as video DVD (aka vob files), this will be the best solution.

Yep I am completly clueless, power producer and nero came with the dvd burner, yes I was able to import the movies from window movie maker, that as far I could go, still could’nt burn them to dvd, I am using dvd-r discs, and I tried dvd + r (from memory) discs which got spat out by the dvd drive, the dvd-r one can’t burn on to it, with both the power producer and nero… getting confusing enough for you, thank you for help and taking the time to advise me, would really like to get this sorted by my wedding anniversary , when my husband and I got married 10 years ago we could’nt afford a photographer, now I have got a digital camera I would like to make up for it, by creating special movie that why my husband suprised me by installing the dvd burner on the computer for my christmas present, so this really important to me to get this sorted. again thank you to you and geno888 for replying

Yes I can save the files in a different format, pretty sure vob format, will have a go as saving them differently today will let you know how I get on. go to microsoft website and download windows movie maker, it is fabulous software so easy and simple to use, really gives a professional look to the movies. I love it, before i got the dvd burner, i used to put them on cd, which i could only play on the computer, but they came out awesome.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

The problem is that nero try always to convert all files in video DVD format, and if some files are not compliant, it give an error.

If you don’t have too much time, you can do a thing in two steps.

In the first step you can try to burn a disc playable only on your computer, and then you can convert the movie in a proper format to play on a standalone.

Try to do this:

  1. Open nero

  2. Select “DVD-ROM (ISO)”

  3. Put the avi file on the disc

  4. press the button burn

It should work.

Anyway I suggest you to buy some verbatim discs (NOT pearl white series): they are better quality than memorex :wink:

So basically I burn on to a cd then copy the cd on to dvd? Is that right?
carmen marie

No. Sorry for my bad explanation (english is not my primary language).

I mean that if you can’t create an output ad VOB with windows movie maker, you can do an intermediate step burning your avi movie to see on your computer. After, when you have more time available, you can do all conversions and create a definitive DVD.

To avoid that nero try to do any conversion of avi file, you must burn that file as Data disc, NOT as dvd video.

If you are able to create vob files directly with movie maker, then your problem should be solved.

Once you have vob, ifo and bup files, you can burn them directly on a dvd media.

Please, if this is not clear ask me again.

i cant create vob files directly with movie maker, and it would’nt burn the file as a data disc on nero…i bet your feeling a bit frustrated now!! cause i am…

Carmen, the bundled Power Producer Gold that came with your burner will do everything you need. It’s a very simple step by step wizard based process. It couldn’t be any easier, the steps in the wizard go something like (from memory here)

  1. Select a DVD profile.
  2. Import or Capture your video. It can import avi, wmf and many other formats.
  3. Optionally do some basic editing, like trim start/end or create slide show.
  4. Make optional menus and preview the controls and how the final dvd will play/look.
  5. Output finalized project in any or all of three formats. Direct to DVD, to Harddisk folders or to iso image file. Personally I prefer to output to either HDD folders or to ISO image files and burn the movie later in Nero.

Have you tried Power Producer Gold yet, what step did you get up to, where are you going wrong here?