Please Help Me

I have an HP dvd640. Lately, some of the blank media I try to use doesn’t work. I use Verbatrim DVD+R’s and have burnt about 50 movies with them. All of sudden it started where some of them works and others don’t. I don’t think it’s just the Verbatrims though because I tried a SONY DVD+R and it did the same thing. The drive knows the disk is there but it won’t let me burn on it. I use CloneDvd2 and Nero Recode. In ClodeDvd2 it simply says no recordable media after I stick in the disk, and in Nero Recode I get a message saying “The disc is not empty.” The disc has too be empty it was taken straight out of the pack.
What do I do?
Please help!

Run nero CDSPEED disk quality test on your medias, and post the media codes here. Most brands can contain numerous different media codes, even when bought from the same store.

drive may be dying unless you have installed some new burn software recently!

Use better burning programs.