Please HELP Me!



This is a personal problem with a Plextor product that I’ve had since Christmas. I’ve haven’t used it once. It is very frustrating to me. I’ve called Plextor’s tech support numerous times and tried just about everything to solve a problem. He recommended that I come here. He thinks someone on these forums can help me out. Here goes my dilemma:

I have .avi and .mpg movies on my PC. All I want to do is make them into DVD movies that will play in any ordinary DVD player. I know this is possible. With my Plextor PX-712UF I received a copy of Roxio 6 Easy CD and DVD Creator. For some reason this will not burn any of my .avi or .mpg files (.avi files it totally rejects and with .mpg files Roxio says are too big to fit on a disk). The movies have been compressed using some program (probably Divx). I would love to know how to burn my .avi and .mpg movies to a DVD movie disc. I have since downloaded a copy of Nero 6 Ultra Edition, so I have that resource as well. Please will someone help me out and tell me the best and easiest way to go about burning .avi and .mpg movies to a DVD movie disc.

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this has nothing to do with the Plextor product, but rather how to convert your files to the DVD format.

see the guides and tutorials here: