Please help me! (Writing to blank dvd)

hey i’ve been burning dvds and havn’t had a problem. But recently after i copy the dvd and burn it onto a blank dvd rw, it acts as if it worked properly but there is nothing on it. The drive on my computer reads that it has 4.7 gb of free space. and when i put it into a dvd player it acts as though there is nothing on it. I’ve tried different buring programs. there’s no problem backing it up because it is on my computer, but when I write it onto the disc it won’t work… Please help if you know what’s going on

DJid you do a quick erase before burning to it?

What brand/model pc do you have? What operating system? Do you know the manufacturer of your DVD burner? What burning program are you using? What brand of blank DVD?

^^^^^^^ thanks for the reply
i’ve used different burning programs so I know that is not the problem… I have a compaq laptop. the burner I have is compact disc rewritable… i’m trying to write them to dvd+r. But like I stated before, I havn’t had a problem using any of these for a long time.

[QUOTE=slytrans69;2232391]DJid you do a quick erase before burning to it?[/QUOTE]

I don’t know even know what that is… I don’t think I did that though