Please help me with Transcoding problems


Ive downloaded many movies in various different formats and transcoded them, then burnt them onto DVD-R with nero very successfully, but now all of a sudden when i use the same methods, once i play back the DVD-R on a player the timing is all out, the audio is out of sync and the video is very poor, its a bit, start stop sort of thing.

Any file which i had previously transcoded to my hard drive and saved before this problem arose, still burns and plays fine, it`s just any new movie files that i now download.

I have had my machine reformatted, ive uninstalled and reinstalled nero, updated the software aswell, but still i have this transcoding problem, im thinking it`s maybe hard ware related.

I have windows xp.

Thanks to any advice anyone should give.

PS I`m happy burning with nero, but is there any other Transcoding software which would do the job and supports all movie file formats, not just mpeg&AVI??

Sorry, but that’s typical of using Nero to do the encoding, read the other 100,000 posts (well… almost :D) here about the same problem.