Please help me with SSDH Toshiba MQ01ABF050H (high temperature)



I find this forum on google, I saw this post and I think autor can help me with me problem…

so trable is:
I bought this hdd for notebook, a week later he started strongly warming, more than the previous - maximum of 38C which basked , pending for 4 hours - 49C , common mode 42-46 , and sometimes when I play games or surf internet(common mode) - temperature is kept within 38C , hdd strange behavior in terms of temperature.
Thermal grease - is new, notebook regularly cleaned from dust, so it’s not in the cooling system wrong.

A few examples :
4 hours did not touch the laptop and such result , antivirus , viruses, and other programs don’t write or read on the hard drive. - pending

winrar speedtest:

2 same victoria 3.52 from dos scan:

now, when I am write this letter:

laptop :
Smart MQ01ABF050H:

It’s normal behavior for hdd?
It’s normal temperature for hdd?
What temperature is normal?
Smart have 4 stars *194 - how can I get 5 stars?
How fix this issue?

ps sorry for my bad english, I am Ukrainian and I try to translate in google…


Hi lafyn9,

I did not use the Toshiba SSHDs long term, but for the duration of my testing I experienced no heat problems.

There seems to be a relationship between the temperature of your Pentium cpu and the SSHD. It could be that when the Pentium runs hot it causes the SSHD to heat up (or vice-versa). Is it normal for the cpu to run as hot as it is?

Regds, JR


I assure you it is normal temperature and they do not heat each other, previous hdd always been cold for 3 years …
Maybe the problem with the voltage?
ps this night, idlemode about 7 hours, hdd temperature 33C.
I don’t understand this hdd :frowning:


Hi lafyn9

I doubt it is voltage related.

Have you had any IO errors from the SSHD?

I suggest you take your issue up with Toshiba directly, via their support forum -

I haven’t used Toshiba’s support forum so I don’t know how responsive they may be.

Regds, JR


I wrote them in technical support (e-mail) off site, I need to wait for weekdays.

You haven’t left this hdd? I want to make sure that is not defect, I need another of the same hdd, to find out - hdd have the same temperature - I will calm down …

I will try add issue on toshiba forum, thx.

add I can’t find on toshiba forum HDD category(

ps No, I have not any errors on hdd…


Hi lafyn9,

Sorry - I don’t still have the SSHD; it has been returned to Toshiba.

Please, let us know how you get on.

Regds, JR


on toshiba forum moderator delete my issue…


Hi lafyn9,

Did they say why?

Are you able to test what happens when you put the drive in another PC?

Regds, JR


I am not surprised with an 2.5" drive reaching this kind of temps, my toshiba 2.5" 250Gb HDD is now at 39C and it’s not been used, it’s the second drive on my laptop that only has movies and music. So for me 40C for a drive that its working all the time should be a very reasonable temperature.

I remember when i had my WD Black as an OS drive it was able to reach temps higher than 50C but i never had any issues with it.


JReynolds, lol, why it did not come into my head, thx I will try…
Did not passed moderator identical to this topic, damn google translate))
I hope you understand me.

vroom, I specially took the 5400 revolutions as my previous - with hope that will not overheat.
In principle, temperature tolerant, but when in idle mode 50C, I’m afraid to leave it on, and it is important for me that the laptop was always included.