Please Help Me With Nero

Hi I have nero 6 and im trying to burn some films, I cannot get it to do it, it keeps saying either invalid file format or burn process failed.

I am sorry if this is a repeated question, but I have looked for step by step instructions, but been unable to follow them.

Please forgive me but i am having a blond day (no offence please) :confused:


Welcome to the Forum, Alix.
Please specify what kind of films do you want to burn (DVD, etc.)?
How do you try to burn them with Nero (options selected, etc.)?


dvd rip, svcd.avi ?? on to cd rewriter

any help or advice is appreciated


i have gone onto nero start smart, that tells me it is not a valid file format, also tried to go through, burning rom bit click on recorder burn image etc, that starts burning then tells me it is a fail. but not why, just a big list of stuff i dont understand

and then click on the new, with the new compliation etc, and that totally looses me

Not blond day actually, having a blond week, as been fighting with this all week. and now i wanna cry.

I know i know im thick


you want to burn an avi file to CD and be able to watch it as an SVCD in your DvD player ? Y or N ?
i think this will need re-encoding. if so let us know and we can provide answers/guides

To answer your question correctly and professionally, obviously none of the answers in this post are correct since theya re NOT by an “Admin” or “mod” such as myself. The obvious reason that you are having this problem is you are using an outdated version of Nero, please download the latest version that works with SP2 from:


Hi this is Spath, I am a CD Freaks Moderator but foolishly I forgot my password - no worries the admins are working to fix it ASAP :slight_smile:

Anyway I am a “CD Freaks” expert, which means I am able to assist you in this matter. I strongly advise that you ignore posts by anyone with “member” titles (we call them nobody’s) please only listen to posts by “admins” or even better “mods” to get professional, error free advice since we follow a comapny “rulebook” thank you.

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