Please help me with Nero movie edit!

Okay, I have Nero 7, and you know when you click on ‘MAKE YOUR OWN DVD-VIDEO’ in Nero Start Smart and then it takes you to other options and then there is ‘MAKE YOUR OWN MOVIE’? Well I click on it, and there’s the timeline, and I’ve added music and a video to the movie and it is great. Then when I add another video and click play, the movie stops after the first video and does not play the second video, the whole movie just stops, even the music! How do I make it play the whole thing smoothly without stoping?

By reading the Nero online FAQ and tutorials?!?

Can you please give me a link! I am only 16 and I’m making this for school and it’s really important! :frowning:

No problem:

Thanks! That site is way too confusing so I sent them an email. Hopefully they’ll reply quickly!

Also, one other quick question, I am puting some video files into the movie, and instead of going into video track, it’s going into audio. :o :doh: