Please help me with my 8250!

I’m trying to decide whether I should upgrade my drive as mentioned on , but I’m extremely confused… please help!!!

My drive’s label says 4x4x24x, made in Malaysia in March 2000 and #C4464B on it.

I’m also sure that it has a 2 mb buffer and is based on the Sony CRX120E.

Please help me decide whether I should go ahead and flash this drive.


Also does this mean that all Sony CRX120s can be upgraded to 8x write?

My HP8200i (C4415 Feb. 1999) was brutally
taken away from me, by such “upgrade” : (

Does anybody know how to “reset” the firmware??

I think i will buy a Plextor 16/10/40 : P

Today I got a replacement for what I had originally thought was my 8250.

Turns out that when I had got my original 8250i (C4464B) replaced, it actually got replaced by a 8200 (C4415) and not a 8250!

A few days ago I realized this and today I got it re-replaced for a C4495B 4x4x32x based on the Sony CRX140.

I don’t have any plans of flash upgrading as of now - I still have 8 months of warranty left.