Please help me with Liteon cdrw

I am using Liteon SOHR5238S to burn most of my cdrs. Due to its burn time of 2:48sec on average. The cds burn fine, ridata, memorex,etc. But when using them for playback it takes for ever to read the data of them. Tried using my dvd drive, laptop dvdrw, the burner its self. It takes for ever to read the data. When burning a cd with my old Plextor 8x4x32, Playback is great, read real fast on any of my readers. I am using the latest firmware. Can anyone help me please.

try tu upgrade cd-rw burner FW …

but remember :stuck_out_tongue: max writ speed :S what is diffrent in 48 / 52 ? :stuck_out_tongue: … u probobly burned at 52 … try at 48 :stuck_out_tongue:

I had LG cge-or something 52/24/52 optimal write speed was 40 … more … 48/52 were slower :stuck_out_tongue:


I am a niob.

I got the latest firmware. Should I burn my cds at 40X.

Thanks for advise. Im burning at 40x and very happy.