Please help me with, DSV, EFM, ECC, and other error correction code

Hello all,

Can someone please help me with something?

I have been looking on the internet on what DSV is and EFM is.

I kind of understand what EFM is. Basicly EFM coding is done so that a cd reader can read the data correctly. By making sure the pits and lands arn’t too short or too long.

But I don’t understand what DSV is.

And im just wandering by editing the DSV on an DAO image file, would that change the EFM information and cause the EFM code to be written incorrectly? as in having too many 0’s or 1’s?

Basicly what i’m trying to say is:

How do I edit the DSV (Digital Sum Value) on a DAO image file, so that it will cause the CD-R writer to write incorrect EFM code?

If thats even possible?

Thanks in advance.

Try reading Ecma-130.

Here’s another page on DSV.

Here’s a CDFreaks thread on weak sectors.

Or try this huge thread on correct EFM.

This should help you on your way. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the links, but they oncly seem to tell me what they are and not how to edit this information on a ISO/ RAW ISO.

Here’s another interesting link:

BTW, you can only influence DSV values indirectly. :wink: