Please help me use this file recovery software before my stuff's gone!

I’ve downloaded PC Inspector to find a few Word documents that my other half deleted off the recycling bin and I can’t make head nor tail of it.

I’ve followed the instructions and have the deleted stuff before me but it’s just 3 folders which lead to subfolders and a few files, one of which are Word documents.

I tried searching for them but the Help guide isn’t much help at all, being translated and non-elaborative (“The appearing dialog windows allows you to delimit the search (e.g. if you know the file/directory is situated more behind, move the track bar Start sector to the rigtht)” - WTF?!)

Can anyone help me out here? Time’s a ticking and the PC’s overwriting data all the time. Please?

I’ve never used this program. I use many different recovery programs, but I’ve never used that one. :frowning:

EZ Recovery, Executive Undelete…

Scrap the original request… I’ve recovered every single document file that exists on my hard drive and while some of them are untouched, most of them are untitled, unreadable gobbledy-gook. Is there a way of making sense of these?

I don’t believe so I have used this software but you have to be quick before newfiles are written to the hard drive and overwrites the old files. If this is the case sorry?
It could be that the corrupted file cannot be recognised in word but if loaded into a text or hex editor you could pull most of the text from among the formating commands in word.
best wishes on your quest and for the new year. :slight_smile:

Thanks but I’ve given up now, bloody woman I’ll have to lock her out now. How much space can a text document take up compared to a 80GB HDD anyway? ‘Tidying up’ she called it…