Please help me upgrade my dinosaur

Hi all, I’m a newbie so go easy.

I want to upgrade my old AMD XP2400+ PC but want to keep the AGP graphics card(Radeon 9600) and IDE HDD’s and IDE dvd writers.

The kit I have my eye on is the Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 or E4400, ASRock PT880 motherboard and 2gb of DDR 2 5300.

I also have a PCI SCSI card with 3 other hard drive running from it that I MUST keep and a Creative Audigy 2 sound card that I would like to keep, unless the on board sound is acceptable.

The main worry I have is that I will have to format my C drive, this I really don’t want to do as I would loose my AnyDVD and Clone DVD programs that I have full licences for, but have lost both activation keys due to a corrupt Outlook archive file :sad:

Do any of you think that I could get away with just installing the new kit and plugging everything in and hoping that the system will boot (XP Pro) or will this create more problems.

I’m desperate to upgrade as my old PC is now really struggling to keep up with what I want it to do.

Any help would be greatly welcome. :slight_smile:

If you install a new mainboard, is practically sure that you’re going to have to format your hard disk.

You could try to look for the clone DVD and anydvd keys in the registry, backup them and restore once you format.

Yes, forget about transferring your existing Windows installation to a new motherboard. Chances are slim it will work - and even if it does, you’ll probably have a corrupted and unstable system with driver conflicts etc. A VIA chipset wouldn’t be my first choice either. Intel would be a better option (ConRoe865PE for example, even if it’s DDR1 and AGP only).

Maybe you want to post in the AnyDVD or CloneDVD forum, to see if there’s a way to retrieve your license information before proceeding with the upgrade.

If that’s all your worried about then see if this helps. Works for me because i tried it :iagree:
How about that? Mobo + CPU + RAM (it’s available with one stick too)
Very good bang for the buck (esp since you’re going budget), I’d drop the AGP card since its just going to hinder futher upgrades. I’d never go for VIA for Intel platforms. If you want Intel go with Intel chipset EOD. The onboard video is quite good actually although a bit slower than your current video card, if you want faster I’d suggest that you grab a PCI-E Video card later on. Onboard audio is slightly better than your soundcard so you might aswell drop it.

If tou don’t intend to overclock C2D 4400 and Asrock ConRoe1333-D667 is a real bargain and big bang for the buck. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help here guys, Ive managed to get the keys for DVD Clone and ANY DVD so it looks like an upgrade will be on the way shortly.

I’d stay away from Asrock and budget brands since you can get a good brand mainboard for about the same amount of money these days.

I agree.
The AsRock boards are great in that they let you mix new and old components but they are a compromise as compared to current generation boards.

Guys, are you missing the point here?? I want to keep my old AGP card AND hard drives / DVD writers, I can’t find another board that will let me do this as most come with just one IDE socket and no AGP slot, as I said before I am on a tight budget so extra graphics cards ETC are out the question, I do know that the main board is not going to be all singing all dancing, but will probably do for now and I can use my old kit as well.

So you’re going to keep a very old (by todays standards) video card?
Use an integrated one, its not that much slower these days.
If you want to use old IDE devices dont upgrade or get a PCI controller card.