Please help me to make a backup copy of" real war"

hi ,i am in big trouble
i have a plextor scsi8/20 i am not able to copy the “real war”
i use clone cd and i have tried a lot of different settings in reading but wiht the same result,clone begin to read and find a lot error on the cd but the fas errors skip doesn’t do its work ,only with this cd.also tried intellignet bad secotr scanner.
please someone help me,in 4 hours of reading the clone do only te 7% od the image(never happened before)

check the protection with cloney if its safedisk 2 I suggest these settings
speed 4X
FES on
FEs settings:
error correction software
read retries 3
everything else of
speed max
AWS on
dont close… on
everything else off

sorry i don’t think it’s safe disk2
and those settings doesn’t work

then whats the protection

This is a tricky one, but quite easy to do.
The actual protection is a simple cdcheck, but the original cd has bad sectors on it preventing a straight copy.
This is the way I did it.
Create a temp directory on hard drive, I called mine REAL_WAR.
Next, using Windows Explorer copy only the files from root directory of cd to this directory. Some will not copy - you don’t need them.
Next using resource Extractor I had to get a new realwar.ico as this file is corrupt on cd, also grab the setup.bmp from Windows emp directory when installing.
Next copy the vids directory from cd to temp directory.
After installing the game copy the whole data directory from where the game is installed into the temp directory.

This is all you need to create a new installer cd.
I used CDRWin to create an iso from the temp directory and just burnt it using the directory name as cd label.
Use something like Fantom CD to test before burning to make sure it works.
There is a no-cd crack available at GCW if you want, grab the big file they have, not the little one as it does not work.

I believe that Real War may be SecuROM & if your PX-R820 (SCSI)
was made before Feb. '99 then it cannot write the PQ subchannel data required for the backup to work.

The settings are:

Read: data sub
Write: close & buffer box

Wrong FutureProof, it is as I said.
You can check at isonews, this is a good place to check before assuming anything regarding protections on game cds.

I copied this ages ago using blindread/write as I had the same problem with Clone CD… Blindwrite was also slow, but a bit quicker.

The copy ran fine… But just as a test I wrote another in SAO mode to see if the errors were important and it also ran fine…

So basically any program capable of skipping errors should be able to create a working copy.

Originally posted by Black Diamond
Wrong FutureProof, it is as I said.
You can check at isonews, this is a good place to check before assuming anything regarding protections on game cds.

Thanks for the tips but I don’t assume much. Reported as SecuROM in many forums when it was released. Most of the titles noted as CD Checks are in fact SecuROM, for example.

CD Checks is a generic name for any number of ways to check if the CD is available or not. It is not really a copy protection like SafeDisc & SecuROM which can’t be defeated casually. There is a CD check for SD onwards and SecuROM from V-Rally 2 onwards, version 4.x I think (the ATIP Check).

Most popular titles will not play without the CD, not because files are required but because there is a check for the CD.

at least i’ve done
reading settings 8x
subchannel data/audio
fast error skip 3 retr
int bad sector scanner and 4 hours of reading but copy run fine at least
i think i’gonna burn on a cd the image too and don’t erase it so soon :9
wow what a hard work