Please help me to copy on DVD DL Media



Hi everybody,

Please help me.
I’m going to buy some blank DVD+L DL(Double Layer) (DVD9) because I have some movies that I want to make original backup from them and all of them are DVD DL.
I use Ultra ISO to make ISO form them and Ultra ISO doesn’t give any error for DVD protections and make ISO form them without any problem. And I know that they have protection.

I want to know Is there any problem to burn ISO of them on DVD+R or –R DL later ?
Because at this moment I don’t have them to test it.

Thank you.


There shouldn’t be a problem to burn a dvd as a iso image to DL discs, but another easy
way to burn them is with dvddecrypter!


There is two way if you want a exact 1:1 copy.

Read and Burn a ISO with DVD Decrypter. The other way is to rip with with DVD Decrypter in file mode. Then use Nero to burn the DVD.

I have done two DL+R’s and one was a coaster with Decrypter and the other burned fine with Nero.

I also prefer Nero as ti shows exactly where the layer change is.

I also recommend you get the latest Nero (if you want to use it) and firmware for your burner before you start burning. I have a Pioneer 109 and the latest firmware has several upgrades for DL media.