Please Help me to choose my new Burner

I want to buy either a NEC 3500 or a Pioneer 108… I know the Nec is (as I read it) faster than the pioneer, but pioneer is able to burn at 12X and sometimes 16X some good DVD rated 8X…

Pionneer uses Z-CLV and NEC uses CLV (I’m not sure of that a 100%)

Could you help me to choose one or another… just tell me what you like and unlike on each (I’m sure here you have most certainly some Pioneer (and I like pionner :stuck_out_tongue: ) But your opinion is really interresting to me!

Thank beforehand for all who would answers me.

Thanks by advance.

there are lots of threads and posts about those 2 burners.
search the forum

I just bought a Pioneer DVR-A08XL at for $99 after $30 rebate … cheapest price for retail version:cool: