Please Help me to choose my new Burner

I want to buy either a NEC 3500 or a Pioneer 108… I know the Nec is (as I read it) faster than the pioneer, but pioneer is able to burn at 12X and sometimes 16X some good DVD rated 8X…

Does the Nec 3500 does the same, or is it able to burn at 16X only 16X rated DVD ???
Finally, if you have an NEC 3500, is it a good choice to do ???

Thank beforehand for all who would answers me.

Thanks by advance. :iagree:

Placing this in the NEC forum :slight_smile: i’d imagine most will say in here the ND-3500AG is best :slight_smile:

They are both very good burners and both will burn selected 4X and 8X media faster than it’s rated speed. The NEC also burns media with very good quality, that’s not to say the Pioneer doesn’t, but i think the NEC has the edge.

I’d also say the NEC has better 3rd party firmware support, with firmware allowing bitsetting on +R SL media, a must for good compatibility with set top players.

How is the NEC 3500 as a reader/player? Or should I have a dedicated player to watch dvds? If so, what?


The NEC 3500 is a great burner - especially with Taiyo Yuden media-

Get a good DVD - rom drive for your reads and save your 3500 for burns-


I totaly agree with mike. The 3500a is a very good burner and it reads good also. Like he says get a good reader and burn with 3500a.

Cool thanks. Just reading the forum to decide between the liteon 163 and Aopen 1648/aap.

yes since you posted this in the nec forum I think you should buy a lite-on burner


Go for the Aopen 1648/AAP - IMHO

I have two of the “Old” Sony ddu 1612 - (replaced by the ddu 1621) - and I always get great reads and compatability with both of my 3500’s - everyone says that the Aopen 1648/aap and the 3500 are very compatable also-


Thanks all for the advice.