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Hi, I have a SCSI CDR that I have been using, along with ‘Burnatonce’ sucesfully for some time. Sadly this setup no longer works and I have no idea why. As far as I can remember I havn’t changed anything but Burnatonce has stopped behaving. Not only will the program no longer work but it messes with the rest of my system, everything goes realy slow and the mouse becomes unreliable (clicks don’t register), the drive appears and sounds like it’s working, but it’s just jammed and would continue to appear to be working indefonatly (I have left it for some time to check that it wasn’t doing a sucesfull burn really slowly). I have posted a number of times to the Burnatonce site whare I’ve had a few sugestions, unfortunatly none of which helped me to get BAO burning. Could someone please help me to get a setup that will work with my hardware. It would be nice if I could do this with BAO but it’s not essential and I would like the program to be free.
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sounds like what happens when DMA or UDMA is disabled and PIO takes over. your operating system is ? also have you checked aspi integrity ?


Hi, I have Windows 98SE. I’m not sure how to check ASPI integrity, how do I do this ?..