Please Help Me Select CD-R media

Hi! This is Amit from India

well, here in india not all cd-r are available.

i have to choose among

  1. Sony Supremas (made by Sony Corp.)
  2. Moser Baer Pro+ (made by Moser Baer)
  3. Samsung (made by Plasmon/ sometimes Lead Data)
  4. Frontech (Ritek)

no other good brand is available
if i demand imported, they give Imation (CMC)

and only sometimes i get Maxell (Acer)

-> so among this bad/moderate ones which one should i pick?

-> is Plasmon a good company?

please help me out ASAP because i have lot to burn


I have used imation before and have neva had any trouble as for Sony ive heard that they are quite good. Neva tried samsung cause well they make phones n stuff so :smiley:
and ive neva heard of those Moser Baer Pro+ (made by Moser Baer) ones so
See what other members say b4 commiting on what i said :smiley:

Moserbaer Pro + made by Moserbaer are available only in india.
They seem to be different then those found in other ocuntries, since i’ve just had a C2 error test on MBi+ and on most disks there were 0 C2 errors. one of the disc was 1 year old and the other one 6 months.
MBi has average reputation in US/UK or other countries, but i think in india they are producing really good CD-Rs
they just launched MoserBaer Pro+ Gold (phthalocyanine with gold ref. layer), only golden cds available in india

Note: tests were done using Nero on LG 32x10x40x writer

Apart from the Samsung-branded discs (I don’t trust these two manufacturers), I think all three other choices are OK.


Things should be like

  1. Sony (By Sony)
  2. Moser Baer+ (By Moser Baer)
  3. Samsung (By ProDisc)
  4. Frontech (By Plasmon)

so now, which one to choose>?

So the Frontech are out. If they had been Ritek, it was a possible choice. Left now: the Sony and Moser Baer… mmmh… I’d say the Sony.

there is an entry in one of these forums stating that MOSER BAER, is quite a good disc and that some of them seped through to the european market, and gave very good results.(not sure if DVD or CD)

so you mean to say

Sony >> Moser Baer >> ProDisc >> Plasmon


but what about issue regarding over burning/ finalizing with sony supremas?
and longetivity?

Yep. My opinion, though.

but what about issue regarding over burning/ finalizing with sony supremas?
No guarantee with overburning whatever the media. I avoid overburning and advise anyone to do the same. Have it your way, though, but then you’d better go for the very very best: Verbatim MCC, genuine Maxell (rather difficult to find, they’re all Ritek these days) or Taiyo Yuden discs (branded or unbranded).
and longetivity?
Personally never had any CDR longevity problem (DVDR is another story), except with el-cheapo discs. TDKs, Sonys, Verbatims, Maxells etc… all are totally stable here :cool:

thanks buddy!

one more thing. moser baer just launched Moser Baer Gold
i,e, gold reflection layer. (only gold cd in india)
so now, because of characteristics of gold, can we say it might be long-lasiting?

no idea actually
in fact, i’ve been googling whole day and dont find anything accept these posts,

but i’ve used these media too
they seem quite fine. no coasters

It is the only GOLD cd available in indian market.

The pont is, these CD-s seem very thin. I mean, if i look them in the light (of tubelight) I find them almost transparent, so it gives me feel that the protective layer might be very thin.

I would sincerely doubt they use real gold on these cd’s.

My personal experience with “gold” CDR’s is that they were lower quality than the other non-gold CDR & the manufacturer just needed some way to sway consumers attitudes towards them.

The sony are known to be relatively reliable.
Moser Baer manufacture alot of “MCC” disks for verbatim, so someone trusts their quality control.
I’ve never had problems with prodisc discs, but they only give average results.
Plasmon have always made crap, and I can’t remember a single instance where someone has defended a plasmon product, or even commented positively towards plasmon products.