Please help me: Question on SafeDisc 2

I was backing up some SafeDisc 2 games and noticed something that seemed odd to me. The games did not work after the backup, until I installed the game’s latest patch. For instance, one of the games was Max Payne. The game installed and the setup screens worked. But it just shut down and went back to Windows when trying to start a new game. After the patch it works perfect. Have other people who backed up Max Payne or other SafeDisc 2 games had this same thing happen to them??? Is this normal?

Image Read with Toshiba SD-M1612
Image Written with Lite-On 48125W
OS is Windows XP
Program used is CloneCD
Used ClonyXXL settings for burn (AWS not enabled since Lite-On)

Thanks very much…Chris Ojeda

I have max pane and it works great you have the hide cdr media function, you could have had it clicked to on or off, try to play it this way let me know.

Even with Hide CDR it does not work unless you have installed the patch. This is quite odd to me. I thought with my set up I should be able to made a playable backup (without having to install a patch)…any ideas?