Please help me! - "power calibration error"

I am totally clueless as to what has happened, all of a sudden with my Plextor 716A. The drive is TLA 0304 with firmware 1.09 and i have the latest builds of Nero and Plextools installed.

It has been burning happily for months with zero issues, i tuen on my PC this morning to copy some discs, i burn one sucessfully at 16x and then plan to copy another.

The contents of the CD extracts fine, then i burn…both Nero and Plextools then report a “power calibration error”.

I am totally lost, i called Plextor support in Ireland but the guy was ZERO help, are you using the recomended media? :a please!, i had a spindle of 50 Phillips CDR and have ten left…they all burned perfect.

Now this, i’ve email Plextor Europe and included the PXinfo and Nero logs, can anyone else help me? she dead?

Laser is probably going south. Plextors do that. Try cleaning lens

DO NOT do that!!
You’ll void your warranty, and it most probably won’t change anything at all.

This is very true but just an idea

How many discs has this happened with?

Have you tried with another brand of disc? If the result is the same maybe the laser is… GONE!!!

AFAIK there are three possible causes for power calibration errors:

Dirt (laser doesn’t even reach the disc or doesnt get properly reflected back), poor quality media (bad dye, bad reflection) and dying laser (not enough/fluctuating power to perform calibration).

Don’t panic if it just happens once or twice - I had this with all my drives from time to time, usually with crap media (once also with a TY DVD). Only if it happens regularly I’d blame the drive.

After 2 years and 3 mounts I encountered the same problem on all my dvd-s that I was trying to burn. I tried all the solutions and NOTHING. The only thing that really worked was opening the drive and carefully cleaning the laser lens with a cotton stick and alcohol (you gonna find a lot of dust inside of the recorder). Now is working better than new. If you guys have lost warranty you should try this. You have nothing to lose. I hope I’m useful. Good Luck !!!

I did that last week…lolol