Please help me pick my new DVD burner

What (internal) DVD burners should one be looking for nowadays ?

I read a few good reviews about the LG GH24NSB0B/C0B, the Asus DRW-24B1ST and the Lite-On iHas124-04/14.

The problem is, the shops I’ve checked so far are now only packing different, more recent models, namely the LG GH24NSD1 and the Asus DRW-24D5MT. The only information I could find about these models so far is that they’re rebrands from different manufacturers, which doesn’t exactly encourage me.

Are the latter two models any good regarding burn quality and read reliability ? Or should I go the extra effort to locate something different (either the older models I mentioned, or something else) ? I don’t need blu stuff, only DVD.

Your advice on this is very welcome and appreciated. Thank you!

I don’t really know about these new drives (although you can find their dedicated topics in the forum) but i would recomend an older drive, the NEC Optiarc 7200S if you can find any for sale. They were fast, realible readers and good burners too.
That’s what i’d get.

Does anyone have any idea how the [B]LG GH24NSD1 [/B]performs compared with the previous [B]GH24NSB0B[/B]/[B]GH24NSC0B[/B] models ? Thanks again.

it would be better if you could found Lite-On iHas 124-04/14 if not you could choose Asus DRW-24B1ST.

I would not recommend LG Drive because today all of LG Drive minimum burn speed is 8x.

Frequently burn used 8x speed would easily spoil the drive.

I was used iHAS 124-14 FU. It has minimum burn speed at 4x and 6x.

Why and how would frequent 8x dvd burning ‘spoil’ the drive ?
(genuinly curious)

If you can fine one, the Optiarc AD-528x/728x drives are excellent all-rounders.

Optiarc has shut down, but there are still quite a few new drives still available if you search. (These are mostly the ‘CB-Plus’ version, which usually sells for a premium because it can overburn DVD+R DL discs.)

A long-time member of this forum recently purchased one to replace his dead Plextor PX-755 and was delighted with it. (I have five.)