Please help me out

Hi, I’ve just started useing dvd2onex, and when I making movie JACKIE BROWN
which sized about 7GB, I 've alerted sign “For full disc copy you need to copy all
files from the DVDin file mode” and could’t make it.
Also when I tried movie “EASY RIDER” which sized about 6GB I was able to
make the movie, but I coul’d not hear sound in optional movie. why is this?
I also read from manual that saying “don’t merge vob file to one big file”
but how could you separate this?
Please help me out? I useally decrypting dvd using OSEx and are there any file mode or some kind?
:o :o :o

If you use OSEx, make sure you do it in DVD Image mode. It takes longer, but you don’t get errors like in the DVD Folder mode. Once you have the image, mount it (by renaming the .IMG to .dmg and double-clicking on it), and then navigate to its VIDEO_TS folder in DTOX. Another (and quicker) alternative is to use DVD Backup to get the VIDEO_TS folder on your HD, as it’s faster and usually works for me. Hope that helps.