Please help me now

I used NeroCom on my project. I used C# in this project but I don’t know how to check Nero software were installed on any machine. and how to get Nero version.

Nero.APIVersion for version.

Checking for installed is more tricky - the application wont run if not installed as dll references will be missing. what i do is place only the burning related functions in a separate .exe file and run that app only if nero related registry keys exist.


thanks for your reply. But i don’t know the value in registry. Please give me the source code. thanks

All I do is check that in the HKLM hive that “SOFTWARE\Ahead\Nero - Burning Rom” branch exists, not sure if that is the best way but seems to work ok for me, maybe I should use the HKCU hive.

Can’t give you the source code at the moment as I am out of the office for a week or so - but you should be able to find sample code on the internet fairly easily.


This is the function that I use to check if a NeroAPI is installed:

private bool GetIsAvail() {
	using (RegistryKey regKey = Registry.LocalMachine.OpenSubKey(@"SOFTWARE\Ahead\Shared")) {
		if (regKey != null) {
			if (regKey.GetValue("NeroAPI") != null)
				return true;
	return false;