Please Help Me - Nero/VCD problems

I’m trying to burn VCD’s with nero 6.0. the cd’s actually burn fine, and nero does it’s little trumpet thing when its finished and says “burn successful” or whatever. anyway, the problem is this - when I actually put the cd in either my cd-rw drive, my dvd drive, or any of my standalone dvd players, the cd insists on not playing. I only managed to get the vcd menu on powerdvd once, and then it did not play the video file. My standalone dvd players don’t even recognise the disk, but when I look at the disc contents on my pc, it shows all the files that nero burns on, except for any movie files! This is really frustrating me as I’m using up disc’s left, right and centre trying to get this to work.

I’m using nero 6 (I upgraded from 5.5 to see if that worked, but it didn’t), and I’ve got a teac CD-W516EB. I’m also running WinME. If you need to know more, then please ask.

If you know the cause and solution to this, please tell me 'cos it’s really winding me up. thanks

MadPsychoWelshMan :a

If your CD records successfully but you cannot read it, perhaps the media is defective. What brand or recordable discs are you using? Have you tried any other brands?

no its not that, I’ve tried other makes of cd’s. Like I said, I am able to read the CD in the cdrw drive and I can see the contents of the disc, its just that no movie files are contained. It refuses to play for me in my stand alone dvd players too, all of which have VCD functions. I can understand that maybe I’m missing codecs for my PC, but why wont they work on anything?

To play the VCD movies on your computer, you are going to need DVD software like PowerDVD or Nero Showtime.

As for your DVD player, does it support VCD or SVCD disc?

See if you can find your DVD player at and see what formats it supports.

I have powerdvd, and have tried to play the vcd using it, but all it shows in the vcd menu - I am unable to play the file which is on the CD. I checked my standalone dvd players and they too all support VCD! damn them all!

with power DVD, once you have your VCD menu, press the number one key and then press enter. Does it play after that?