Please help back up dvds are randomly crashing!?!?!

Hi everyone, I am a newbie and my name is Bill and as you’ve read my back dvds ups are crashing. What frustrates me the most is that they are now just starting to do so after dozens of successful burns. The reading and writing process go off without a hitch. The disc ejects and I pop it in to view it and all appears to be fine. However 5, 10, 25 minutes into the movie, the screen gets pixelated and then begins to skip, freeze then completely crashes. Sometimes it will do so with maybe 5 minutes to go in the movie. Its’ seemingly hit and miss with me.

My PC is a refurbished HP with a 300n dvd/cd burner. I am using CloneDVD2 to create my back ups. I was using Centrios dvd+r media; 5 blank dvds with cases for about $12.00, 45 total, all worked beautifully with no errors. Then I switched to Osidisk; 25 blank dvds per spindle for about $23.00. I bought 3 spindles total, the first spindle worked great, 4 discs into the 2nd, I realize I have a problem.

At first I thought that it might be the actual burner, so I uninstalled my burner then reinstalled it, afterwhich I updated my firmware from a version 1.25 to 3.05. I then tried backing up 2 dvds and both worked great. Then other dvds started crashing. So I tried reading with CloneDVD2 and writing with Nero Express and again my first 4 dvds I backed up worked great, so tonight I try backing up 2 dvds and I waste 5 blank dvds in the process. What is going on here, is it my burner, my software, or simply crappy media? Could it be downloads I have going on or other programs (ie MSN) running? Because this wasn’t a problem before.

Has anyone else had this happen to him or her?
Any help/advice/salvation regarding this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your time.

the problem is almost definitely crappy media (and you’re paying far too much for such crappy media as well). i’m assuming you live in the USA, in which case i’d suggest buying some of these.

I would suggest that you test backup first on rewrtiable media. if it works fine then burn it on normal write-once media. if the write once media again shows problem, then it is definitely the media that you are using and not the drive. I use a Mitsubishi DVD+R rewritable media to check when making such backups.
Also I have stopped making movie backups on normal 4.7G discs, because the quality goes down and is not what you see on the original DVD disc.


Thank you so much. I live in Canada, so I’m not sure if that media type is available here, although it very well should be. I will look for it today and if I can’t find it I am just going to go back to the Centrios. Again thank you so much for your help and quick replies.

Is it slysoft’s clonedvd you are using, as I know there are two companies that use this name for there software (slysoft is the better one). Also you don’t mention what software you are using to remove the protection on the DVD’s with slysoft’s cloneDVD I would suggest anydvd

Yes, it is slysoft’s CloneDVD2 and Anydvd. The sheep and fox logo pics.


Strongly suggest using either Ritek or Taiyo Yuden media for your burns-


As suggested by others, try different brand of media first. Osidisk is made in Hong Kong, not known for producing good media. If you are paying $12 for 5 Centrios (Radio Shack?), you might as well get Fuji, Maxell, Verbatim or Memorex from such outlets as Staples, Future Shop/Best Buy, Wal-Mart. Some price indication: Maxell 4X+R WalMart <14 for 10, Staples 14.99 for 10. If you use large quantity, try online shop like Which part of Canada are you located?

Thanks alot guys! I really do appreciate all your advice, input and suggestions.
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Got new media today, 10 pack of Centrios and not one single error. Osidisk is fucking crap! Pardon the language, but it is just that.

If you are in the US, check the bargain basment forum. There are a couple of good medias for 10$ per 25 through tomorow anyway.