Please Help Me make a backup of Madden06

Hi everyone,

I just recently bought Madden06 and i have a little brother that always ruins my discs so i have to protect them as much as i can so i tried to make a copy of it using a tuturial on this site for “Safedisk4” but still no luck can anyone help?

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More information needed.

Is the game on a cd or dvd? What burner/s and other cd/dvd rom/s, if any, do you have?

The game is on 3 cds and i have a dvd drive and dvd writer. I copied it with CloneCD, because it has “Safedisc 4” on it i used the “protected game settings” and still no luck i could not even install the game threw the copied version. :eek:

Pease Help! :sad: :sad: :sad:

Since it’s on cd, it is possible to make a working back-up copy [B]but[/B] only with suitable hardware (i.e. very few burners can do so successfully).

What specific dvd rom and dvdrw do you have?

i could not even install the game threw the copied version.

If you couldn’t even install the game then either you’ve had a bad read a more likely simply a bad burn.

My dvd-rom is= “LITE-ON DVD SOHD-16P9S” and my dvd-rw is= “TSSTCorp CD/DVDW TS-H552B”

So is any one gonna help me?

I’ve never heard of your particular writer and I doubt that it’s capable of coping with safedisc 4.

However, I suggest that you try using alcohol using a cdrw for testing purposes.

First, try just using the ordinary safedisc datatype settings and if that doesn’t work then try with safedisc 2/3 datatype settings.

Note that the game, like practically all EA Sports games, will be hot-wired to run only from its installation drive (unless you edit your registry). Accordingly, since your dvd rom is one that is fairly tolerant of back-up copies, I suggest that you install (from your original cds) and then try to run the game from your back-up from your Litey dvd rom.

Let us know how you get on.

Thats odd i already backed up my “Need for Speed Most Wanted” and “NBA Live 06” before and they work fine. They both have Safedisc 4 on them.

Please help me solve this mystery.