Please help me! - linux problem :-(



I have 2 harddisks. 1 has Windows on, and the other has linux on. I can boot 2 either. Now, my problem: I need 2 remove Linux 4 1 reason or another, and re-format it so that I can use the drive in windows again. Can some 1 help me? PLEASE?


Just get Partition Magic Pro, it’s great for newbies in fdisking. Or use DOS or Linux fdisk. Just type fdisk at the DOS or Linux prompt. You can choose somethin’ like “delete partition” -> “create partition(FAT16 or FAT32)” -> done…



get partition magic 5 and convert your linux partition to fat32 and then back to linux or swap and install allways an bootmanger before you’re installing linux…


Hmmm… DrCrash - I don’t understand a word u’re saying - but it doesn’t matter n e how, coz I fixed it a while ago. Cheers n e way though…