Please help me identify some Pacific Digital burners

A local Staples 3 or more of each of the following Pacific Digital burners in clearence:

U-30146 52x24x52 CDRW IDE Kit - with serial numbers such as P03407529427 for $15

U-30296 16x8x6 Double Layer Internal DVD±RW IDE Kit - with serial numbers such as KWVA501997SC0 for $30

These are pretty reasonable prices if they are good drives. Can anyone hazard a guess as to what make these drives are based on the model and/or serial numbers?

Any help would be most appreciated.


Can’t help on these, but $30 for an unknown drive is not a good price. Most weekends, has quality name burners for almost the same price.

Yup, Pioneer, Benq and Lite-On’s latest models (at least OEM) can be had for under $35 shipped on a regular basis from newegg.

Thanks for suggestion about NewEgg guys. I’ve bought several burners from them over the last few years on free shipping deals. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t buy a pig-in-a-poke, that’s why I inquired here first. :smiley: If it’s a drive that I want, the prices are good and will be even better when another in-store coupon becomes available. :bigsmile:

In the past some folks have been able to determine from the serial # what kind of drive is in a box without opening it (at least what brand, if not the exact model).