Please help me. i have never used any burning software

well i used nero.

anyway i got GTA3 and it runs shit but i want to work on it to make it better. but i don’t want to pay £35 for a game that my nan could have made

so i want to clone the CD but i only have 1 CD drive. it is all in one (CDR and DVD and CD rom)

can i still use clone CD

and if i can, can one of you nice people tell me step buy step what to do to make GTA3 copy

i have never used it before.

please don’t not answer or tell me to look round the board i have.

thanks in advanced The Bogie Man

Well, I’m no expert, but I think you should tell us wich drive you have. GTA 3 is copyprotected with Safedisc version 2.5****. Anyway, only certain writers can handle this protection, so we need to know wich model it is.

sorry i did not think it mattered

anyway i have a SAMSUNG CDRW/DVD SM-308B

thanks if you can help

i only have 2 days on the return time left

well 1 day now

-First with Clone CD --> Read to image file
-Then put in your empty cdr —> Write from image file.

Then use a no-cd crack.

There are a few things wrong with this thread

  1. IT IS ILLEGAL TO COPY GAMES YOU DO NOT OWN - this site only offers help for backing up games!


Come on guys, there’s no reason why we should endanger the future of cdfreaks! :wink:

i do own the game

and please help me

Well as you know the game uses SafeDisc version 2.51.(021) and this protection has been discussed many, many times. The problem with this protection is that only a few writers are able to copy this protection without additional help. However CloneCD has a build-in option to help writers make a better (read: working) back-up. This option is called Amplify Weak Sectors. Check and the supported writers. If your writer has one or no sheep-icons for ‘Correct EFM Encoding’ read and write the disc with the default CloneCD Game Profile. If your writer has two sheep-icons write the disc without AWS enabled. For Profiles you can check this thread.

You could have found out above information for yourself by using our search function and by reading the threads mentioned in my signature. Good luck.

ok i looked there and in the surported CDRw mine is not there


so is there still a way i can make a copy of my CD

or is there another program

i want to copy the CD so when i put it in it runs like the normal one not in any sort of mode.

thanks for the HELP

If your writer is not supported try reading and writing the disc with the default Game Profile in CloneCD v4.0.1.3. When playing hte back-up from a writer make sure Hide CDR Media is enabled.