Please help me! I cant up my DVDs

My comp crashed so i had to start over fresh. Ok thats no problem I got evrything running just how I like. S I reinstall DVD shrink DVDDecrypter RipIt4Me and the FixVTS all that goes smoothly…ok here is my problem I tried backing up pirates of the caribbean 2 using shrink and it freezes. So I try going through RipIt4Me then dvddecrypter then shrink everything wroks out but after i use shrink I dvddycrepter doesnt start up like it used to…i usually use dycrypter to burn my backup… so I try DVDfab smaething I cant get pcb2 to burn…sorry if i dont make anysense right now but i have been trying all day to back up my copy i really dont want my kids to destroy this dvd they love the movie so they like to watch it over and over…

When does Shrink freeze? When you hit [B]BACKUP?[/B]
Do you have Nero installed?

So, you are able to successfully rip the movie no problem - but burning is an issue?

Here is a link that helps show how to burn your VIDEO_TS folder with another program, this one called ImgBurn, which is FREE:

You can download ImgBurn here:

Usually I export the video out of DVD Shrink as a VIDEO_TS folder, then use either Nero 6.6.x or ImgBurn to make the final DVD. That seems to work best for me.

With Nero, I use the standard DVD Video project.

Good luck

thanx I will try that…I never had a problem before i use to use dvd decrypter to burn but im not sure what i am doing wrong…I ll try your way bearded thanks alot for the help.

ImgBurn is written by the guy who did DVD Decrypter. DVD Decrypter is no longer updated, so it may not work without some help from other apps.

Hope it works for ya. :slight_smile: