Please Help Me! How do i make my second hard drive usable?

When I reinstalled windows and started from scratch I somehow did not make my second drive usable.

This wasn’t a big deal to me until recently I am getting low disk space messages so I want to be able to use the second drive now.

When I go into add hardware it just says device is working properly. I still can’t use it though because it doesn’t show up under My Computer. How can I make this drive usable???

Try this,

  1. Click Start, right click My Computer, sellect Manage, (this will open Computer Management).

  2. In Computer Management in the left pane click Disk Management and you will see in the bottom right pane a list of HDDs in your system.

  3. Locate the HDD that you want to installize in bottom right pane, right click on the HDD and sellect New Partition, follow the instructions from there.

Hope this helps!

or try to check the CMOS set up

Please post in the appropriate subforums as this has nothing to do with backing up dvds. Thread moved.

Thanks very much, worked like a charm!

The only thing is I made the second drive extended and I figured that after partitioning it the drive should show up under my computer but it doesn’t. Is there something else I should know? It is my second drive so it should be extended right?

No, make it a primary partition. Extended is only needed if you get more than 4 partitions on one drive. Isn’t there an option to “initialize” the disk first in Disk Management? Windows won’t recognize it until you do this first.

oops i already made the drive extended, and i’m at work now, will be home at 9:30 to mess with it. I can still change it to a primary partition right? I will update on here after I try and switch it. It will be nice to have the space back again. I had to delete all my music before just to be able to backup dvds.

Awesome, worked like a charm, thanks a lot guys. I can’t believe it was that easy.

I did have a little problem once I tried formatting my second drive. The formatting failed so I tried to restart the computer and it wouldn’t boot up to windows because it kept saying that I had no hard drives. It frustrated me a lot at first and I was thinking that I blew out my hard drives somehow.

I took side off the tower, unplugged and replugged both hard drives, blew the dust out, and then started it up and everything worked perfect. Once I got back to the desktop I did a quick format on the second drive and everything has been working great since!