Please help me hack my firmware

Hi all,

Been looking around google for hours now and hope peeps here can help.

I have now (for a couple of weeks) a LiteOn LVW-5006 and want to put loads of my VHS’s onto it. I have done a few DVD’s already and even put them onto PC & edited nice menus etc etc but some of the VHS’s are protected. My LiteOn tells me on top of the screen that “Content Protected”

This also happens sometimes when I try to record movies from Sky’s Pay-Per-View.

Someone said that I have to update my firmware with a hacked one!..

Please help someone… PLEASE!!! :flower:

Since DVD drives do not have a screen…what software are you using that tells you “Content Protected”? The only form of protection on tapes that I’ve heard of is Macrovision APS. You might need a special ‘box’ connected to the output of your VCR to remove this protection. Not for sure since I’ve not tried to copy tapes before.

Good luck.

Hi RichMan,

Sorry, my fault… when I said screen I ment my Televisions Screen has a message from my DVD recorder (LiteOn LVW-5006) It’s a lil greyish box that pops up the LiteOn’s info. i.e. dvd is inserted, no disc, dvd locked etc…

The fella from another forum that told me to update the firmware did mention something about a macro hack. Unfortunatley I don’t remember the other site nor the blokes info :o(