Please help me guys & gals

I’ve have been posting messages on forums for weeks know I hope you lot can help me out. The problem I’m having is this I bought a Pikaone internal 8x dvd + & - rw dual maybe a year or so ago and for the last 2 or 3 months I have been unable to burn dvd’s with the latest nero. I think I need a firmware upgrade but I always get a 404 error when trying to download it. Further inspection and I found out that my pikaone drive is actual a BTC-1004IM which is strange but anyway. I cant find the firmware upgrade on there site either can someone please help me, cheers.

A BTC 1004xx is a 4X burner.

Well the BTC 1004xx then, do you know where i can get a link to the firemware upgrade page? cheers.


The BTC firmware section for DVD-RW is offline, but the links here should work

I download the bottom file in this page but when I attempted to flash it I get the below error, any ideas?

Flashing in Windows is not always reliable. If flashing in Windows doesn’t work, then flash in DOS with MtkFlash.

When you run the official updater package from BTC, it should create a folder in your “WINDOWS\Temp” directory. If you look inside this folder, you should find a file named 0251.HEX.

Using 0251.HEX, you can flash your drive from DOS using MtkFlash. MtkFlash and instructions on its use can be found here: