Please help me, Guild Wars Factions



Hi all

I went out and paid $60 bucks for Guild Wars Factions, and I can see that ALREADY my discs are getting scratched… Since I just paid so friggin much for this I would desperately like to make a backup copy, and even better would be a mountable image I can play from the HDD… But I am not 100% sure how, becasue I have ran A-RAY Scanner on the disc and clicked both SCAN and Sector Scan and it seems to find NO copy protections… What are my options here? What is the best way to back this sucker up? Can someone tell me what kind of Copy Protection this thing is using and what you would reccomend to make an image with?

Thanks alot, I really appreciate the help!! Cheers :slight_smile:


Scan your installation folder using Protection ID and post your result.


I believe a majority of MMORPG games don’t have any protection on it because you can’t play without paying. Most MMORPG don’t require the disc because you need an account, cd key, and a method to pay for the online service. You can try to make a backup and run that to see if it works. As I heard this game has free online play, then it could be protected. What you can do is create images with Alcohol 120%, Blindwrite, or CloneDVD/CD and burn them onto a DVD and load them with Daemon Tools, this method allows you to save hard drive space (if you don’t have a lot of space) and will allow you to play backed up images by emulating the images from your DVD. However most people will find that Alcohol 120% does a better job of creating images for backup purposes.


Guild Wars can be copied with out emulation. Just copy and burn to the blank disc.


Thanks for the replies, folks :slight_smile:

I’ll give it a try

Cheers! :slight_smile: