Please help me get some good DL burns



I have two different DVD writers and two different packs of DL discs and I can’t get a good burn out of any of them. I’m using Nero CD/DVD Speed Disc Quality test and generally the burns get really bad towards the end of the first layer, and then the 2nd layer is poor all the way thru.

Here’s my stuff:

Pioneer DVR-108, Firmware: 1.18
Plextor PX-708A, Firmware: BSRB (BenQ DW1640), also tried PX 1.02
Verbatim DVD+R DL (MKM 001)
Memorex DVD+R DL (Ritek D01)
Nero Burning ROM v7.5.9.0
Windows XP Pro SP2

If I run QScan before the burn, the Verbatims don’t pass and the Memorex barely pass.


Hi Zimberto & Welcome to CDF: Here are several recommendations.

  1. Dump the Memorex
  2. Post the scans


This was burnt at 2.4X:


Bump. Can any of you scientists please help?


Ow, nasty.

Dump the Memorex, that is a start.

Try the Verbatims with another drive, preferably burnt at 2.4x or 4x.


Man, can’t you read? It IS Verbatim and it WAS burnt at 2.4X! :sad:


chef is one of our best resources and I believe you misunderstood what he was saying.

He was suggesting that you burn the Verbatims in another drive. If the scan/results are the same, then you know you have a bad batch or at least a few bad discs. The Memorex are not even worth considering as a DL media.


OK, sorry guys. I have tried the Verbatims in my Pioneer drive and the results are about the same, if not a little worse. I’d be prepared to buy a new drive if I thought it was going to be a lot better. Is there a dual layer king?

BTW I also have a Lite-On SHW-160P6S sitting around, but have never been too impressed with it.


The best DL burner IMO is currently the Pioneer 111 series, which are widely available through various sources.


Here’s a 2.4X Verbatim burn on my Lite-On. Best burn yet, but still poor.


Mh, both drives producing bad burns. Maybe its a bad batch really…

I would try burning at 4x by using the wonderful Imgburn. :wink:


Doesn’t imgburn just burn images? I have a collection of files. I guess I could use Nero or something to create an image, but that seems very roundabout. I’ll try it anyway. At least it will help rule out the software.


Imgburn v2.1 has an option under “MODE” called “Build”.
It’ll burn in building mode too :wink:


OK, thanks!

This is an improvement. I created an 8GB image using Nero and burnt it at 4X on Verbatim using ImgBurn and the BenQ DW1640. How does this rate as a burn? Should I forget about using Nero?


You should have burned it at 2.4x. That’s what the discs are rated at.


I’m trying to do what I’m told, and chef suggested I burnt at 4X.

OK, here is a 4X Verbatim burn on my Lite-On. It’s a good burn except for the last bit. I figure if I reduce the burn speed to 2.4X and keep the image size < 8GB I should get some decent burns. Bottom line: Nero sucks for DL.


PO failures are a shocker!
Don’t burn anymore DL discs with that Benq drive!


Maybe that Benq needs to be cleaned or replaced then.


I swapped it out and put the Pioneer back in. This is a 2.4X burn using ImgBurn on Verbation using the Pioneer DVR-108:

Interestingly, the Pioneer could not be used to scan the 2nd layer. The end of the 2nd layer seems to cause problems for all the drives.

I guess this is as good as it’s gonna get. Lessons learned: use ImgBurn, don’t use Nero, don’t use anything but Verbitim, and dump the BenQ drive.

Thanks guys!



Seems like you should to your list - dump DL too- (expensive coasters) - would strongly recommend Taiyo Yuden 8x +R T02 media and as a excellent vendow with reasonable prices and kicka$$ customer service (T02’s @ $37 for 100 + shipping)