Please help me get my data back!

I’m using TDk high speed CD-RW to store data. Trouble is to-night my system reported the 700mb disc as 312mb - all free. I desperately need to get to the other ‘half’ of the disc where I’ve got months of dara from a research project. Stupidly, no back-up!!

Immediately prior to the disk halving in size the system reported all data as read only and file syatem as CDFS. Don’t know about CDFS but I certainly didnt set the file attributes to read only.

Can anyone suggest (a) how I can access the lost data and (b) why this happened?

why do you store data on rw’s anyway? i’ve had so much trouble with cd-rw’s in the past that i don’t use them anymore.

but back to your problem. my guess would be that your data is lost, but you could try isobuster to recover your data. it’s worth a try.

Get CD/DVD Diagnostic from INFINADYNE - It costs $49.99 but it will rescue the data from virtually any CD/DVD :iagree: