Please help me force flash cooldrive with oxford 912

i tried to install two seagate 7200rpm barricudda 500gb drives into a coolgear/cooldrives dual drive 3.5" aluminum enclosure. they wouldn’t mount. heard we might need a firmware update. the drive can be seen here:
found a flash utility at with pdf instructions. problem is the utility erased the firmware without installing anything. the utility still senses the device, but says it needs to be put in force flash mode and then reset the device. the pdf instructions to do this in the oxford 912 is to put a jumper on jp1 of the development board. the coolgear board is different. it is even labeled “force flash” on the board next to jp8, but it has no pins! coolgear said they won’t give out this information. they don’t want these units user flashable. this surprised oxford when i told them this. still waiting to hear from them with advice, but i don’t see how they could know. all they did was make the chip. how can i put this device in force flash??